quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Again: DayBreak of Loneliness or a Small Farm

I want the ground
the beated soil
pounded by swallewed vúdca
deaf ears of sound

Silence of the night
cold gate
daybreak with whip fashion
comes to solve the ticks calm so bright

The morning brings
poor poetries
and they are so proud
the people who visit us
without truth
and fill us up with longing
those ones who do not arrive till us
Lord, what can I do?

Hopelessly, I'm listening for your footsteps
Looking for a meaning
I'm able to be seen
on the crossing of the roads
Can't you see me, yet?
Now, I weigh a net

(30/05/1979 Faculdade de Comunicação Social 'Cásper Líbero', São Paulo-SP- tradução: Hivich)